Whether you want to change how you feel, how you look or how you feel about how you look, I can guide you through the process.

Jane helped me go shopping in my closet, as well as helping me identify clothes to cull, because they don’t look good. Plus, she did it in a way that made the whole process less intimidating, and, even, fun! ~ Valerie M.

Are you…

check turquoiseSeeking a more professional personal image, and perhaps a new job?

check turquoiseSearching for a new look that reflects a “new you”?

check turquoiseFeeling less vibrant, energetic and confident than you want to be?



Contact me at jane@janespringer.com today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Jane is a thoughtful listener.  She can sift through unorganized thoughts or concerns and help organize priorities.  Jane has often helped me reflect on serious issues and gain perspective on their relative importance to my life.  I have always left richer after interacting with her.  ~ Maria M.

Are you ready?

leavesTo develop a professional style and image that helps you to achieve your goals

leavesTo replenish your spirit and feel better about yourself, both inside and out

leavesTo create a new wardrobe style that reflects a new, more self-assured you

leavesTo carry yourself with authority, confidence, and vibrant good health

Let’s get started!

Contact me today to setup your initial consultation.

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