I am a blessed grandma (or Nana in my case.)  Are you, too?  But you are feeling too tired, sore, and carrying more weight that you would like. 

If you are ready to live a vibrant and joyful life with purpose and passion and feel energized so you can play with your grandkids, you are in the right place!

I worked for the Florida Department of Health for 22 years.  I felt that there was something else I was supposed to be doing with my life.  So, I took early retirement.  Two months later, my daughter found out she was pregnant with twins and I was able to share that journey with her and help with the twins.  I stepped out in faith.  I love being a grandmother!  Let’s find out what is keeping you from enjoying your time with your grandkids, at this meaningful time of life, so you can live the life God has planned for you!  Especially by transforming your health from tired, achy, and over your desired weight to strong, energetic and happy with the way you look and feel.

“A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.”  Proverbs 13:19  I am here to be your guide to finding and living what you are longing for….

Jane is a thoughtful listener.  She can sift through unorganized thoughts or concerns and help organize priorities.  Jane has often helped me reflect on serious issues and gain perspective on their relative importance to my life.  I have always left richer after interacting with her.  ~ Maria M.

Are you…

check turquoiseWaking up and feeling less vibrant, energetic, healthy, attractive and confident than you want to be? Don’t have the energy to play with your grandkids??  Have you lost your mojo??

check turquoiseSomeone who enjoys working and volunteering, but are wondering if that’s all there is?  Ready to find what lights you up?

check turquoiseFeeling at loose ends in your soul and wondering about what happens in this next chapter of your life?


Contact me at jane@janespringer.com today to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Are you ready?

leavesTo feel good, look good, and present yourself with confidence, and vibrant good health

leavesTo replenish your soul and let go of the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you and keep you from where you want to be

leavesTo have a new purpose, a new excitement, a new community

Let’s get started!

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